Tech Tchotchkes Make Great Giveaways

  • Nov 2, 2018

Tech Tchotchkes


There aren’t many promotional marketing tchotchkes more popular today than technology themed tchotchkes. Tech is huge right now and companies love seeing their logos branded on to quality tech tchotchkes like power banks, wireless phone chargers, Bluetooth headphone, Bluetooth speakers and phone accessories.

Power banks tchotchkes are devices that you charge and keep in your purse or bag to power your smart phone and iPad if they run out of power. They come in various “sizes” we refer to the amount of power they hold. The higher end power banks can charge your phone several times and are available with a full color imprint.

Wireless phone chargers are popular tchotchkes these days as well. All newer versions of smart phones have wireless charging capabilities. Companies can imprint their logo on the charging pads and all you have to do is lay your phone on top to charge it. They make great tchotchkes for employees to keep on their desk. 

Bluetooth headphone and speakers make a great tchotchke giveaways as well. The headphones are smaller and sometimes the imprint goes on the case instead of the headphone themselves, but they still make a great marketig products. Bluetooth speakers come in various varieties and some are paired with wireless charges stations and even water bottles and make great tchotchkes for your company.

Phone accessories are great tchotchkes as well, but we should caution they can be difficult as a giveaway because many people at each company have different versions of cell phones from various companies, and even if most have Apple iPhone the version will vary.